Michał Szlachta - Sagitum
Michał Szlachta

Michał Szlachta

Vice-President of the Management Board


In the IT industry for almost 15 years. During this time, he went through almost all career levels related to the implementation of IT solutions, mainly ERP, BI, WMS, B2B, CRM systems (from junior software engineer to project manager).

He was responsible for establishing and later running a branch of one of the largest Polish IT companies. He led and supervised many projects, including: implementation and customization of ERP, B2B, CRM systems for one of the largest distributors of light sources in Poland. Since 2017, he has been a member of the Management Board of Sagitum S.A., where he is responsible for managing the company’s executive/implementation area, with the following departments: programming, implementation, technical and maintenance.

Showing interest in new technologies, primarily trying to scale/translate them into the realities of the business environment in which he operates. A supporter of agile project management methodologies, documented by the Agile Project Management Foundation certificate.