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Comarch ERP XL

Manage production, trade and warehouse

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that will help you manage your company? Do you want to facilitate the company's development and gain an advantage over the competition? Meet Comarch ERP XL - a system that will support the most important processes in your company. Decide for yourself in which areas immediate changes are needed.


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Comarch ERP XL is an integrated enterprise resource management system.

It works as a flexible set of modules and programs thanks to which you will conveniently plan and manage various areas of your company.

The daily functioning of the company will be improved by individual modules, including: Administration, Sales, Orders, Production, Assembling, Quality Control, Service, Import, Accounting, HR and Payroll, Fixed Assets, Projects, CRM.



List of benefits of the solution


Possibility of adjusting the system to the individual requirements of your enterprise

You choose specific modules that are needed in your company.


Constant update for regulations and legal changes

With Comarch ERP XL you can be sure that your company is up to date with changing regulations.


Established market position

COMARCH is one of the largest producers of ERP software in Poland with an extensive partner network, which means access to ongoing service and the feeling of full support. Sagitum SA is a Certified Partner of Comarch – you have a guarantee of IT services at the highest level.


Security and data storage

Automatic backups of databases and files as well as backups will improve the operation of the company in the event of a failure.


Modularity of the solution

Thanks to the COMARCH ERP XL structure, employees of various departments will be able to safely use common data, having access only to those functionalities they will need.



If necessary, you can easily develop the system by implementing further modules and Comarch applications.


Step by step implementation
of the platform

We divide the implementation into stages, within which we deliver subsequent parts of the process being built


Comarch ERP XL software installation

Sagitum consultants install the software in the hardware resources indicated by you or in the Comarch SA cloud resources designated by a separate agreement. During the installation, the system is preconfigured to run the software on the server and workstations.


Analytical meetings

After the implementation teams have been appointed, we organize pre-implementation analysis sessions; these meetings are held in area groups (e.g. production, logistics, accounting). Their goal is to determine in detail and confirm your requirements for the implemented ERP system.


Pre-implementation analysis document

On the basis of notes from analytical sessions approved by you, we prepare an analysis document that you can verify in terms of correctness and completeness. An important part of the analysis document is the list of specific modifications along with the recommendation of the legitimacy of their implementation.


Initial software configuration

We configure the installed software in accordance with the information obtained at the session stage and described in the pre-implementation analysis document.


Initial migration

At this stage we import data to the installed and pre-configured system. We will ask you for a preliminary (test) confirmation of the correctness of the prepared Comarch ERP XL software.


Training of users

In appropriately selected groups of users, we will conduct training in the scope of activities that users will perform with the help of Comarch ERP XL software. At the same time, we will conduct training for administrators on the basics of Comarch ERP XL software configuration, user management, etc.


Target software configuration

On the basis of comments collected during the verification of the initial configuration and comments collected during training, we supplement and update the software configuration. At this stage, we run the rest of the elements, including the modifications specified in the analysis documents.


Target migration

We import current data immediately before the production start of the system; selected data are imported after system startup.


Personal assistance

In the first days of using the software, we assist users in their work, supporting them in everyday activities.


Telephone and email assistance

In the first weeks of using the software, your employees can still use our support via electronic communication (email, telephone, Skype, Teams).


In which companies will COMARCH ERP XL?

The ERP system is designed for medium and large companies that want to implement one global IT system. We recommend the Comarch ERP XL solution to trade, service, production and distribution companies.

What areas can you manage? Among others: goods and service records, invoicing, accounting, pricing and discount policy, warehouse management or production and production technologies.

Comarch ERP XL


Frequently asked questions and answers

If you have any questions, write us and our expert will contact you.

What are the Comarch ERP XL licensing models?

In the case of the Comarch ERP XL solution, there are two basic types of licensing: workstation and server. In addition, there is a distinction between an access and administrative license. The access license is downloaded when the program starts. The administrative license allows you to configure the program and structure of the company.

Can the ERP system be integrated with external solutions?

Yes. The Comarch ERP XL system can be integrated with external solutions, for example: WMS, MES, APS, B2B. Integration of solutions can be carried out in accordance with the selected method: REST API, Webservice, file exchange, integration using an intermediary database, data bus.

How often are ERP system updates introduced?

The manufacturer Comarch introduces system updates several times a year in terms of business functionalities and legal regulations. The great advantage of the Comarch system is the ability to react quickly to changes in legal regulations.

Is technical support guaranteed as part of the offer?

Sagitum SA, as Comarch’s partner, after the implementation of the system, provides technical assistance covering the first days after the production launch . The number of days dedicated to technical support is divided according to the areas of the ERP system that have been implemented.

After the production launch of the Comarch ERP XL system, we also offer service support and assistance provided by our consultants . The terms and duration of the technical support contract will be determined individually according to the needs of your company.

What is the estimated cost of implementing Comarch ERP XL?

The cost of implementing the Comarch system depends on several factors. The main assumption defining the cost of the system is the target number of users who will use the ERP system. The costs also include implementation works and training.

What industries is the Comarch ERP XL solution dedicated to?

The Comarch ERP XL solution can be successfully implemented in production companies (Modules: Production, Assembling, Comarch MES), trading companies (Sales, Orders module) or distribution companies (Sales, Orders, Comarch WMS module).

Is it possible to purchase the Comarch ERP XL system without the accounting module?

Yes. This option is available when your company’s accounting is handled externally, e.g. by an accounting office.


Do you have a question about the COMARCH ERP XL system?

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