Sagitum - How to eliminate bottlenecks in production management?


How to eliminate bottlenecks in production management?

The answer to this question is an integrated set of solutions thanks to which you will improve the work of the production department and increase the results. An added benefit? Convenience and full control over what is happening in the company.

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Bottlenecks in the process and paper circulation of documentation increase production costs

Do you manage a production company and wonder how to effectively prevent production downtime? Repeated failures and extended transfer of documentation from hand to hand hinder the daily work of the company?


  • Effective process management

  • Elimination of paperwork

  • Ongoing production monitoring


Stagnation in production

E.g. as a result of failure to provide the appropriate amount of raw materials needed to fulfill production orders.

Lack of current records of what is happening in production

No real-time reporting by production operators on completed production processes or emerging failures and downtimes.

Lack of integration of production machines with the IT system

Incomplete data or the need to manually enter data about the machine into the central system.

Lack of integration between systems

E.g. between the base system, i.e. ERP and MES class systems (Production Records) and APS (Production Planning).

Lack of current information about the failure

Especially about what and when caused the failure.

No information about cyclical inspections of machines

Which prevent failures.

System efficiency

Low efficiency of the solution, slow operation in the case of a large number of documents.

Paper circulation of documents

The risk of losing documents, omissions, prolonged process of submitting documents, no trace in the system on an ongoing basis about the execution of a production operation or order.

No single place for managing production technologies

E.g. technologies in Excel files.


We present
solutions to the above problem


List of advantages of our solutions

Ongoing monitoring of production lines


Ongoing monitoring of production lines

including product control or employee performance.

Elimination of paper documentation


Elimination of paper documentation

production orders, PW, RW, MM documents.

Ongoing reporting


Ongoing reporting

about downtimes and machine failures.

Convenient access to complete production data


Convenient access to complete production data

which will facilitate RKW control, accounting for production or creating forecasts, with full integration of production systems with the ERP system.

Effective production management


Effective production management

thanks to the analysis of: production data with the use of Business Intelligence and the quality of the production.


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