Sagitum - How to eliminate paperwork and shorten the information circulation time?


How to eliminate paperwork and shorten the information circulation time?

Check out solutions that will improve the flow of documents and organize communication between employees. You will see positive effects immediately after implementation.

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The circulation of documents and information in the company takes too long

Documents in your company are still lost or transferred to the wrong people and the whole process takes too long?


  • Electronic circulation of documents

  • Elimination of paperwork

  • Workflow


Chaos in the documentation

Resulting from the need to manually submit documents for approval by individual people, lack of a specific procedure, errors related to the transfer of documents to the wrong people, missing documents.

Lack of single centralized place with all documents

No e-archive with all documents with permissions for individual persons/departments.

The need to perform tedious and time-consuming activities by employees

Including manual search for information in binders, on shelves about documents/cards/records/invoices.

No information about who and at what time made actions/changes with a given document

No history of actions/changes made with a document, eg who and when approved the invoice, who signed the contract and accepted the terms of the contract.

No response from the company to the office to an important letter

Occurs when the document is not delivered to the decision-making person in a timely manner.

Overdue payments

Occurring in the case of a lost invoice submitted for approval.

Too high costs

Associated with the need to print and store documents.

No access to documents from anywhere

People in the company have access to the traditional archive, we cannot check documents while outside.

Problems with communication in the company

Resulting from the lack of clearly defined operating procedures.


We present
solutions to the above problem


List of advantages of our solutions

Secure access to documents


Secure access to documents

by specific employees/departments of the company from anywhere.

Elimination of paper documents


Elimination of paper documents

circulating around the company.




a clear definition of the procedures to be followed in specific processes.

Improving communication


Improving communication

between employees in the company.

Protection of documents


Protection of documents

against destruction by making cyclical backups.

Improved search


Improved search

information and data.


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