For Shareholders - Sagitum


For Shareholders

For Shareholders

Registration data

Sagitum SA
KRS: 0000755390
NIP: 8133733993
REGON: 366158795
District Court in Rzeszów, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register
Share capital: PLN 564,580.00



Vice President of the Management Board – Michał Szlachta
Member of the Board – Wacław Szary

Proxy – Barbara Rusin


Supervisory Board

Radosław Ostrowski
Lech Dziewulski
Kamil Gemra


Share issue

Series A – 20 000 (non-preference shares)

Series B – 33 600 (non-preference shares)

Series C – 2 858 (non-preference shares)


Dematerialization of shares

Wezwanie z dnia 30.09.2020

Wezwanie z dnia 21.10.2020