Sagitum - How to effectively secure company data?


How to effectively secure company data?

Entrust the security of your company's data in the hands of specialists and proven technologies.

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Company data leaked or not properly secured

Your customer data leaked and used by third parties? Do you want to be sure that your company data is secured and backups will prevent possible data loss?


  • Data security

  • Comprehensive IT service

  • IT infrastructure


Outdated technology

Used in IT infrastructure monitoring systems.

Lack of regular software updates

Which reduces user comfort and data security.


Related to the investment in modern computer equipment.

Lack of protection

Against both external and internal threats.

Poorly designed infrastructure

Hardware and data security.

Non-compliance with safety rules by employees

E.g. using external untested mobile devices, installing untested software on computer workstations.

Lack of experienced specialists

On the side of the operating company or internal IT department in the area of data security.

No security audits

Performed on an ongoing basis to detect potential threats.

Ignoring the recommendations of the service company

Regarding the need to purchase and invest in appropriate software and hardware.


We present
solutions to the above problem


List of advantages of our solutions

Effective protection of company data


Effective protection of company data

by specialists in their field.

Possibility of easy data recovery


Possibility of easy data recovery

in case of data loss or failure.

Ensuring smooth operation of the company


Ensuring smooth operation of the company

especially the continuity of customer service and production.


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Let's talk about your IT needs

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