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Digital robotization of a modern company

We program the bots entirely ourselves - this gives us full control over their operation. All this to create a bot that will become a perfect (digital) employee in your company.


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What is Robotization?

Are you short of employees or tasks are not performed due to lack of time or their low priority?

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your company and give your employees more creative tasks? Monotonous and time-consuming activities consume too much time and additionally there are errors due to fatigue or the amount of data?

Discover the benefits of digital robotization and give some of your responsibilities to bots. Thanks to this solution, you can increase your company’s productivity by up to 1200% per month.


What is a bot? 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology automates business processes in the company.

A bot is a program that replaces a human in performing repetitive or routine activities, e.g. generating documents. Otherwise? He is a digital worker who performs his duties around the clock and is never wrong.

Optimization of working time increases the company’s efficiency, which is why specialists agree: digital robotization is the future of modern enterprises.



List of benefits of the solution


Effective actions of your employees

You optimize the work of your team. By relieving employees of duties that can be performed by a bot, you give them time for creative or development tasks.


Smoothness of task execution

From now on, everything is on time. No downtime or delays because there was something more important to do.


Fewer errors

Manually performing monotonous tasks is conducive to errors. Bots are reliable and never wrong.


Increasing productivity

Up to 1200% per month.


Cost reduction

From 40% to even 75%.


Immediate effect

A properly designed and implemented bot starts its work immediately. He works 24 hours a day.


Convenient modifications

Bots work on the user interface layer. There is no need to modify the software code or optimize processes.


Step by step implementation
of the platform

We divide the implementation into stages, within which we deliver subsequent parts of the process being built


Determining the needs of your company

We need to find out as much as possible. After a thorough analysis of the problem, we present you with possible solutions.


Production of a personalized bot

We create a bot fully adapted to the needs of your company. It’s like a well-tailored custom suit. We need about 2 weeks for this.


Bot implementation

The time of bot implementation in the company structure also includes tests. We check that everything works and make the necessary corrections.


In which companies will the bot work?

Digital robotization is a convenient solution in large and medium-sized enterprises, where repetitive activities are a large part of the team’s duties.

Your company lacks employees? It happens that tasks are not completed due to lack of time or low priority? In these cases, the implementation of the bot will also bring positive results.


Why Sagitum?

Our strength is extensive experience in working with ERP systems and the processes that take place in them. We program the bots entirely ourselves – this gives us full control over their operation. It’s not everything. We go one step further.

We have completed the project “Development and implementation of an innovative robotic process automation (RPA) system”. We set ourselves the goal of developing algorithms that serve the purpose of cognitive automation of business processes in enterprises using ERP systems. Effect? Creating a service that integrates robots into one coherent IT system.



Frequently asked questions and answers

If you have any questions, write us and our expert will contact you.

How do I know my business needs a bot?

If your employees spend a lot of time on tedious work with documents or in front of a computer, this is the first sign to think about robotizing their work.

What data do I need to have to deploy the bot?

Bots need digitized (electronic) data. They will work on the same data and in the same positions as your employees. Thanks to this approach, we recreate their work without increasing costs. There is no need to purchase additional software or workstations.

After how long will I see the effects of the bot's work?

The effects of the bot’s work can be seen immediately. The bot, just like an employee, can issue sales invoices or enter data into the ERP system. Each “reworked” record proves the work of the bot. The bot can work 24 hours a day, so it can do more repetitive work than an employee. This will give your team time to work creatively, optimize or find new solutions.

Can a once configured bot have additional functionalities?

In a rapidly changing world, changes in regulations or technology, reacting to changes is crucial. Therefore, each time a bot is prepared, it can and should be changed.

When preparing bots, we are guided by the thought: it should be as simple as possible. The more simplicity in the functionality of our virtual employee, the better.

How to convince employees to start working with robots?

An effective way is to relieve employees. If they don’t have to copy data from one system to another for an hour or two, they will start asking you for more bots. It is worth remembering that bots will not replace our employees – they will give them time to perform more creative tasks.

What companies automate business processes using bots?

Each in which employees have to perform many repetitive and massive activities. For example, receiving 1,000 emails a day. Digital robotization is economically justified in companies where data is structured and the activities performed by employees are based on rules.


Do you need a tailor-made bot?

Tell us about your company's needs. We will create a bot for you that will meet them in 100%.

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Vice-President of the Management Board


Let's talk about your IT needs

Let's talk about your IT needs

Tell us what your company needs.
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