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Kamil Gemra

Kamil Gemra

Member of the Supervisory Board


Capital market and investor relations advisor. Doctor of economics in the field of finance. Assistant professor at the College of Business Studies of the Warsaw School of Economics. Lecturer at MBA studies. Chairman of the supervisory board of Movie Games and member of several other supervisory boards. Former managing partner of a leading investor relations agency and former vice-president of a brokerage house.

According to student surveys assessing lecturers, he was classified in the “Top 10” of lecturers at SGH, and also the winner of the student competition Inspiration of the Year 2022 and Inspiration of the Year 2023. Scholarship holder of the Academy of Capital Market Leaders of the foundation. Lesław A. Paga. On the capital market since 2009, both as an investor and a participant in many processes on the side of issuers.

In his professional and scientific work, he deals with corporate financing, the bond market and communication with investors. He worked as an advisor to the largest companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange